Friskara-Tale is an AU where post-Genocide Frisk, remorseful of her own actions, gave up her SOUL and body to Chara for absorption, but the absorption went awry.

Main Story

Chapter 1

  • Frisk and Chara fuse and try to reverse the problem by performing a RESET, but that triggers the "Bleeding Effect", and they alter the FUN Value so that they can talk to Dr. Gaster and get him to help.

Chapter 2

  • Frisk and Chara, sharing the same body, go through the Ruins and spend a night at Home, bringing Flowey with them in the hopes that Gaster can make an artificial SOUL for him. They also had the dream of the death of Asriel.

Chapter 3

  • They pack up and leave the Ruins, get Sans to help them bypass Snowdin, and convince Gaster to give Flowey an artificial SOUL, turning him back into young Asriel. Gaster explains the nature of the "Bleeding Effect".

Chapter 4

  • Gaster reveals his backstory, reveals that he gave his own SOUL to Asriel, and they go to see Sans again. Sans calls them Friskara and reveals Gaster's full name, and they all go to the new DT Extractor to get a sample of DT for a set of new artificial SOULs.

Chapter 5

  • Sans gives Asriel and Gaster the new SOULs, and Friskara scolds him for meeting Toriel before the end of the Pacifist Route, and Sans takes everyone, including Papyrus, to the Judgement Hall to talk to King Asgore. Sans finally misses an opportunity to make a joke.

Chapter 6

  • Sans preps Asgore for Friskara's presence, and Friskara convinces Asgore that she means no harm to monsterkind. They all have a tea party with all the major bosses because "nobody deserves to be left out. Except Jerry". Muffet and Mettaton push Friskara to reveal her red eyes.

Chapter 7

  • Friskara leaves the tea party because she made it uncomfortable. Sans teleports in front of Friskara and convinces her to rejoin the party and enjoy the company.