DerpyTale is...well, it's exactly what you'd think. Everyone's super-derpy, and nothing's taken very seriously.


  • Derp!Toriel
  • Derp!Asgore
  • Derp!Sans
  • Derp!Papyrus
  • Derp!Undyne
  • Derp!Alphys
  • Derp!Mettaton
  • Derp! Flowey
  • Derp!Frisk
  • Derp!Chara
  • Derp!Grillby
  • Derp!Muffet
  • Derp!Gaster
  • Derp!Temmie's
  • Derp!BurgerPants
  • Derp!Nicecream Guy

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